[Author’s Note: This is the first in a two-part series highlighting the fastest growing and highest paying certified and noncertified tech skills at 3,038 U.S. and Canadian employers.]

If you’re new to this space you may be unaware that more employers than ever are paying their tech workers extra cash over and above salary for specific certified and noncertified tech and business skills they possess. And why would they do this?

Because getting compensation right has been a nagging problem with tech professionals for years. It’s about constant market price volatility but even more about the impact of countless  variations in the jobs these people perform. It’s tough to keep it all straight when employers require hybrid tech-business experience, soft skills, industry knowledge, specific solution aptitude, and especially experience with a certain kinds of customers or a particular product or service. And all of this in addition to proven expertise that can span multiple tech platforms, domains, programming languages, tools and systems.

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